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Our team of wonderful young artists

Brad Peet, Cameron Waller, Ella High, Emily Lowden, Ellie Hunter, Ellie Penn, Grace Price, Fin- lay Robinson, Holly Hunter, Holly Mills, Lauren Percival, Mia Watson, Oscar Beer, Olivia Smith, Ronan Smeaton


Young Cumbria is a youth work charity who’s principal activity of Young

Cumbria is to meet the needs of young people aged 11 – 25 years.

Our focus is working with young people who are either deemed to be at risk, or live in an environment which places them at risk of achieving poor outcomes and experiencing a poor transition into adulthood.

We aim to achieve this by working with young people and their communities to enable them to advance their social education, increase their levels of resilience, build on their strengths and improve their life chances to enable them to achieve their full potential.”

The organisation works primarily across the west coast of Cumbria and undertakes their group and one to one support work within schools and community settings.


Street art and engaging young people

Over the last three and a half years young Cumbria have utilised street art as a means of engaging hard to reach young people, this takes place in our weekly youth group and within schools.

The work looks to upskill young people in a new artistic medium whilst exploring various topical issues from poverty, educational inequality, relationships abuse and environmental issues.

To date Young Cumbria have worked with over 977 young people via our group work programmes and cre- ated over 15 pieces of street art within local communities across Cumbria.


The Florence Arts Centre Murals

Over the last two years Florence arts centre have provided our young artists with the opportunities to cre- ate some truly stunning murals focused on key environmental issues. All the work was undertaken and de- signed by young people, with the help of Young Cumbria Staff.


Get Cumbria Buzzing:

This piece of work was funded by the Cumbria wildlife trust and was to help raise awareness of the pollina- tors project taking place across the west coast of Cumbria, the young artists had a simple brief; bees , flow- ers and bright colours! The work was designed on the day (showing just how talented these yp truly are!) and took around 4 hours to complete.


Grow Wild Pollinators:

The mural was undertaken by a team of three young artists,. Designed by Ellie Penn the brief was to create a mural that depicted the way in which Bees see the world, which happens to be in UV. The work shows a bees eye view of the world, in deep purples and violets with the centre of the flowers in brighter shades acting as welcoming signs. The work took around 6 hours.


Rainforest Leopard:

This mural was created by a team of seven young artists and is the culmination of three months work by the group learning about the various environmental issues affecting our world today. The mural, designed by Ellie Penn, focuses on the impact of slash and burn tactics used in the Amazon rainforest to create farm land for cattle. The mural took 6 hours to complete, the group worked really hard on a cold blustery (and wet) January weekend.

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