The Mind and Body in Harmony: Embodiment Meditation

with Philippa Hick

*NEW* mindfulness and meditation session at Florence Arts Centre on Tuesday evenings. Special introductory price: £20.00 per person*

*Online and telephone bookings include a booking fee of £1.50 per ticket

Tuesday 5 June

6pm - 8pm

Tuesday 12 June

6pm - 8pm

Tuesday 19 June

6pm - 8pm

Philippa Hick will lead these new session on mindfulness, meditation and relaxation. The sessions are open to adults of all ages and no previous experience is necessary. If you have your own preferred yoga mat (or similar) please bring this with you. Please note, this is not a yoga session! Gentle movement and meditation is the order of the day. 


Philippa writes:

We will begin with a practice to immerse into relaxation and connect with the body. Reconnect to the body and receive total relaxation. Mindfully being with the body as a focus of the meditation. Feeling light and easy.


We will progress to Movement Meditation Practice (this is very gentle movement) and use movement meditation to find your Animist.


The story behind this meditation …

The idea came from being with horses. Horses are renowned for their presence.  Their movement and the way they embody themselves with their beauty, and graceful nature.  

Being with horses and my horse riding experience which I am portraying here in a way of meditation and motion experienced with the horses.  Helping you to access your own movement experience. 



I provide a way of meditating which is both interesting, enjoyable and benefits which help to relax the mind and body. Breaking free, reconnect to the self, bringing balance.



This will empower you with relaxation and provide space in the mind to access your creativity too, improve positive thinking, awareness / enlightenment. 

Brain chemicals will also be released, endorphins and dopamine which are beneficial to your vitality, bringing harmony lifting the spirit, like the spirit of the horse.


The power of the Breath 

When we fill ourselves with air and breath, this is our life force, the state of being full of life, vitality and liveliness, vivacity and high spirits.  

The elements of nature carry vibrations of energy which positively provide an abundance of health and wellness benefits, in alignment with the experience of a hug. 



Music is a beneficial way of reducing anxiety, depression, even lower blood pressure. Music can help with pain and improve sleep quality, mood, memory and increase cognitive functions enhancing concentration and ward off the aging process too.  Great for increasing your vibe. The process of composing this piece is to take you on a freestyle kind of movement meditation experience.   Feel free to move in a way which suits you, your mood and your ability. I have found my clients benefit from movement meditation to provide an easy way to drop into the body and quiet the mind and free the head space. 


Drum beats

The drum is a grounding primal sound which instantly helps you connect to the body – your beat and your inner rhythm. Dropping you into your body, swaying your hips. When we drop into the hips and let the body sway, we are signalling to the brain “we can relax”.  

If we suffer from anxiety or stress, swaying the hips and moving the body in this way, signals to the brain we are no longer in fight, flight freeze or foe.


We can …. Let go.


Be - free


This is your self-confidence and personal power. When we are relaxed in the body we are more flexible, more open minded, more productive, focused and happy in all areas of our life. We are in Totality – present and in the moment.


I hope you enjoy this meditation style, there are many, the purpose is to find a style which suits you.  This is designed for you to enjoy, to use in your happy space when cooking dinner or washing the dishes, or perhaps getting dressed to go out or simply dancing around the house, out running or being in the garden or in the stables!


Feedback I have received 

“I really like this!  It reminds me of Buddha Bar Music.  I tend to be “stuck” with movement due to an old injury.  My spontaneity has been affected (mind tells body I can’t do something).  So a lack of “free” feeling.  Almost I have forgotten I could move freely like I could as a child.  I love music and I love to dance and move so I find this VERY helpful. I do TONS of meditation, but this maybe the way to get me back “home”.  Linda Scott 


Please note this is not designed to replace any medical treatment. 

It is however, a great tool to add to your selflove tool box. 


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