Felicity Cromack: Myanmar

Wednesday 13 June to Saturday 14 July

Open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm


Felicity Cromack is a travel photographer who is currently living in the Lake District. Felicity graduated with a degree in Commercial Photography from The Arts University Bournemouth in 2012, specialising in documentary photography. Following graduation, Felicity worked as a wedding photographer and A-level Photography teacher, while continuing to refine and experiment with her personal work. In 2016 Felicity and her partner set up Lights Camera Backpack, a food and travel blog, and flew to Fiji to start their new life as digital nomads. After more than a year of travelling, they returned to the UK with a wealth of stories and photographs, and a passion for sharing them with others.


Felicity spent a month in Myanmar (formally Burma) in 2017, slowly travelling the length of the country by train. Myanmar is a very mysterious country that has only recently started accepting foreign visitors. It has been in the news recently because of the ongoing genocide in the north, and a large amount of the country if still off limits to tourists. It's a country of contrasts - exceptional hospitality and awful hostility, beautiful ancient temples and ugly concrete towers. Felicity expresses this in her photographs through the use of saturated colours and stark contrasts between light and dark.

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