Tuesday 19th November

My demonstration between the Spirit world and our world shows that life does continue, not as we know it now, but on a different vibration - and because I have been given an extraordinary gift of extra sensitivity, I am able to work on your voice vibration. This is why it is important for me to hear your voice when you acknowledge the message. Secondly, just because you are unable to hear or see the people who have moved into this other vibration - does not mean that they are not around! You cannot see all the radio waves that are surrounding us in the atmosphere, but they are there all the same, waiting for something to tune in. So it is with me, and I am able to tune myself in to your special voice vibration. I say special simply because these vibes translate themselves through me, into the voices of those we have loved and have already passed on before us. I do not contact the 'Spirit World' to ask someone to come through, I wait until the they are ready to work with me, so the evening is very much in their hands!

Nothing sinister or spooky is going to happen. I do not know exactly how the mechanics of my hearing voices actually works, what I do know is that it happens and that many people on the other side are clamouring to speak with those they have left behind - once they know that I have opened the doors, in my mind, for them to come through. This is the gift that I have been given to help other people - and I have also been given guides, from this other vibration, to help me do this.

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