Tangled Threads

A new exhibition by Flax

Saturday 4 November to Saturday 23 December

Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm. FREE ENTRY

Flax are a group of textile and mixed media artists from Cumbria, all working in different styles and with various skills and techniques to produce works of infinite range - bold, intricate, abstract, actual.


Tangled Threads is an exhibition of new work inspired by the development, over the past fifty years, of a 'tangled textile' movement; an exciting and experimental means of expression through art. The focus is not purely to do with fibres and snarled up threads but this initially springs to mind.The artists have interpreted the theme of 'tangled' to in a tangle of ways

 - untidily matted, tangled and tousled as in hair, fishing nets, balls of wool.

 - knitted and woven fabrics all ravelled and entwined. 

 - twisted together.

 - tangled and tousled emotions and ideas.

 - confused and complicated instructions or plots.

 - twists of fate.

 - elaborate plans and ploys.

 - convoluted reasoning and knotty problems.

 - intricate.

 - labyrinthine manoeuvrings.

 - tortuous and involved routes

 - tempting tangles of thought

 - relationships occasionally devious

 - tangles and threads of time, times past, times to come.

 - ancestral lineages.

...and so much more.


And then the threads can be untangled and re-emerge, with the multiple strands twisted together again. Flax hope you will see this and much more in the exhibition.

The artists taking part in this exhibition are:

Chris Macadie

Helen McKenna

Stephanie Conway

Caroline King

Fiona Pervez

Sheila Allan

Barbara Wright

Kate Tame


During the process of preparing the group approchaed a new outlook and widened their aims to allow freedom in experimentation and collaboration using mixed media and sometimes allowing our paths to cross and “tangle” where appropriate. New members have been welcomed from various roots and backgrounds, including Fiona Pervez, a writer who has become “tangled up” in Flax's projects as well as pursuing her own. 



To accompany this exhibition the artists will be holding a series of workshops, giving you the opportunity to craft your own pieces, learn new skills and meet the artists to find out their tips and techniques.


Saturday 11 November, 11am to 1pm

Embroidered Brooches with Helen McKenna


Saturday 11 November, 11am to 1pm

Free-machining Embroidery with Christine Macadie


Saturday 18 November, 11am to 1pm

Hand-stitched Lavender Sachets with Sheila Allan


Sunday 19 November, 11am to 1pm

'Mark My Words' a drawing and writing workshop with Fiona Pervez and Barbara Wright


Saturday 25 November, 11am to 4pm (drop-in anytime)

Family Felting Workshop with Stephanie Conway





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