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Rachel Metcalfe


'"Walking the Tide: Drigg"- Rachel Metcalfe 


Inspired by the natural world and its phenomena, my work is an art collaboration and dialogue between nature and my journey through a place – a push and pull relationship. A myriad of environmental issues bombard us; they concern me to an extent where I produce work that is full of contrasts and tensions: raw beauty in a delicate balance with potential destruction. Just like the places I engage with, my outcomes are built up in layers: my paintings are delicate and have translucent areas of subtle colour often brutally interrupted with an explosion of bold colours, hard edges and dynamic textures; my video pieces with lyrical narratives are disrupted with dramatic pauses, repetition or a change of rhythm.

The resulting work can often be deceptively beautiful yet awkward – metaphorically representational of the Earth’s fragility and the dilemmas faced by a place. I experiment with how natural processes and humans change, sculpt and leave traces on the landscape, and I apply similar ideas with the materials I use, allowing paint to flow and demonstrate its personality through the marks left. I seek new perspectives; peeling back the layers of a place to discover something new. Working with the tides’ flotsam and jetsam – through the methodology of walking and the engaging of my senses – leads me to record journeys of discovery over time both figuratively and conceptually.

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