The Miners’ Bouquet project is an ongoing collaboration between artists Lillian Wilkie and Jenni Payne from the Florence Arts Centre. The project has evolved out of the Doremifasolasido residency programme that took place at Florence Arts Centre in August 2016, during which sixteen artists from all over the UK spent a week at the mine exploring the site’s unique heritage and forging links between urban and rural practices. During the residency Lillian Wilkie created the first memorial flower arrangements for miners killed at work, using flowers and plants found growing wild on the site.


The bouquets are now maintained by Jenni Payne, replacing cuttings as they wilt so that the arrangement is constantly evolving, taking on a new appearance and reflecting the seasonal changes of the site. In this way the arrangements reflect the passing of time, the mutability of memory and the persistence of loss. The regular reports sent between Florence Arts Centre and Lillian, who is London based, have also allowed for an ongoing dialogue and rapport to be sustained beyond the residency period.

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