A sculpture by E. V. Holmes

Original design sketch by Val Holmes.

Made of galvanised steel and industrial objects found on site, the sculpture represents how Florence Arts Centre is flourishing from the DNA of the Florence Iron Ore Mine. It is a work that represents West Cumbria's industrial past and present and recognises the regeneration for the future. With a design by local artist and sculptor Val Holmes and constructive help from Gates & Railings Fabrications, we are thrilled to present this new monument: Regeneration.


Sculptor Val Holmes writes:

A walk around Florence Mine reveals the dereliction and rusting decay of structures, fixtures and fittings of a once very active working iron ore mine, the last in Europe. Out of this dereliction an energetic and enterprising group of people are developing the defunct empty building space, that once housed the miners' facilities and equipment into the thriving Florence Arts Centre.


Workshops, galleries, studios, library, theatre and café, have been created to facilitate art courses, lectures, films, music, and crafts. Inks, oils and pastels are being created out of the refined local iron ore, gaining commercial recognition. A wildlife garden has been specially developed for the community.



Nick Rudd working on the construction of the sculpture's eleborate headpiece.
Preliminary design sketches by Val Holmes.

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