Exhibitions and Residencies

Florence Arts Centre has a gallery and a variety of spaces in which to exhibit.


2020 Programme:


Wallace Heim, 'Sulptures by Wallce Heim, x=2140'

Opens Friday 22nd February (with a special opening event; Wednesday 26th 2pm-7pm) - Closes Saturday 28th March. 


'A Sense of Place' Residency artists’ group exhibition - Saturday 4th April - Saturday 9th May

'There’s no place like home' - Conrad Atkinson, Saturday 16th May- Saturday 20th June.

"Coast"- Fabricate textile group from the Western Fells, Saturday 27th June -Saturday 8th August 

Carolyn and Frances Marr ceramics Saturday15th August - Saturday 19th September 

'Walking the Tide' -Rachel Metcalfe, Saturday 26th September- Saturday 31st October 

Handmade@Christmas by Fabricate -Saturday 7th Novemeber- Sunday 20th December 

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