Mayfield School Vocational Studies Art Group

Thursday 8 June to Thursday 29 June

Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm


We are pleased to be showing, for the very first time, artwork created by the students at Mayfield School, Hensingham as part of their vocational studies programme. The students are aged between 14 and 19 years of age and have varying special educational needs.


Vocational studies is a programme of work that allows the students the opportunity to experience different topics and courses outside their normal school curriculum to provide enrichment and a broader experience of the world around them. Student choice is an important factor of vocational studies and the students all make an active decision to engage with the different topics on offer.


The art group have worked together over the past few months to produce some fantastic pieces of work. As well as the obvious enjoyment that the students gained from completing the work there were other benefits and outcomes of their involvement.

Art can be used to aid and encourage communication especially when a number of students in the group have no verbal means of communication. The students work closely with members of staff and this allows a non-threatening, low pressure situation for students to communicate their preferences, choices and have a general natter with those around them. The communication experienced with the art group can encourage social skills and team working. If a student can gain the confidence to choose their own paint colour with a peer, they may transfer this skill when communicating in the community to make choice when buying their own shopping. Art can be a way for students to communicate emotions, thoughts and feelings about the world around them. It has proven to be a relaxing environment which has allowed the students to express themselves freely. The multisensory aspect of the art allows the students to not only see the art work but opportunities are built in for students to use all their senses to feel, smell and even taste the artwork. This approach maximises the student’s engagement and participation in the process and really makes the artwork individual to the student. 


The students and the team of staff at Mayfield are extremely proud of the work that has been produced and benefits the project has brought. Florence Arts Centre is pleased to be able to give the students their first exhibition.

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